Peel. Stick. Go!

  • 3 Pack

    A great way to sample our product.

  • 10 Pack

    Recommended to combat plantar fasciitis for one foot.

  • 100 Pack

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Product Sizing:

Standard: Women’s 4 up to Men’s 11
Large: Men’s size 12 & larger


Why do doctors love QUICK TAPE®? It's quick and easy to apply, saves you supplies, makes the patient more compliant because they can wear QUICK TAPE for up to a week through several showers, and you can make between 47.5% - 73% profit margin with insurance reimbursement and cash pay!

Clinical studies for biomechanical effects are proven to show:

  • QUICK TAPE provides significantly greater arch height index while standing
  • QUICK TAPE can biomechanically alter dynamic plantar loading
  • Patients prefer QUICK TAPE over low dye taping for comfort

With QUICK TAPE, you will no longer need scissors, rolls, of different sizes of tape or the adhesive spray that gets all over your clothes and exam room. Your time savings will be incredible and your patients will love QUICK TAPE!

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